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Yoga for Pregnancy

Yoga for Pregnancy

Pregnancy means Love!

In this period of a woman’s life, love contributes positively to the process of new life’s creation.
When a mother takes care and gives love to herself, she consequently gives love to her baby as well.
Yoga helps the mother to accept and manage the changes following the pregnancy in physical, psychological, hormonal and emotional level.
Prenatal Yoga includes light physical and  breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and creative visualization.
Mother’s participation in such a prenatal yoga class is completely safe, however it requires the agreement of obstetrician – gynecologist in  any case.  


The benefits of yoga in pregnancy :

  •  Keeps the body in good shape physically.
  • Strengthens the spine.
  • Releases back pain.
  • Improves the right body posture.
  • Strengthens and vitalizes the perineum muscles.
  • Extends the pelvis and hips joints.
  • Increases muscles  flexibility and mothers learn to use their muscles more effectively during birth-giving.
  • Allows fear and stress to be released as the baby is born.
  • Creates inner peace and harmony and  relaxes the mind.
  • Produces wellness feeling.
  • Cultivates body consciousness.
  •  Brings strength and inner balance that enables the mother to overcome whatever challenges lie ahead.


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Yoga for Pregnancy

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