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In our center are running daily morning and evening classes for all levels of students.

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Experienced yoga instructors, psychologist and a Life coach will treat you with love and care during a unique program which will purify your being, physically, mentally and emotionally. 

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Welcome to Breath of Life Crete - Greece

''Breath of Life'' Yoga Center has been running since 2006 emphasizing on physical and mental health.

Our Yoga Classes

In our center are running daily morning and evening classes for all levels of students.

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The four fundamental human questions:

Who am I?
Where have I come from?
Where am I going?
Why am I here?

This inner quest starting from an early age for some people or coming later for some others.
For over 5.000 years the teaching of yoga have provide a way for those who seek a deep meaning in life, a connection with a power greater than themselves, and whose goal is the liberation of their spirit.
As individual we some times find it hard to see any purpose in our lives and a life without a purpose feels empty…


In world’s creation was given a grate and priceless gift (breath) equally shared in all the creatures of nature. The way someone utilizes this gift makes a difference in the quality of life. The aim through the programs of our centre are:

  • To share knowledge and techniques that facilitate the stream of breath and prana (vital energy) in our daily life.
  • To comprehend the functions of human existence
  • To gain physical strength and well being
  • To enjoy harmonic and happy relationship
  • To teach the yogic knowledge to those who want to be trainers

Life is a journey, if we are lucky, we are able to find a path to follow. Yoga is the path that can lead us on a journey of discovering our self .

It’s our decision how far away we want to go on this path. Yoga unites our individual Self with the higher truth. The most people in west, practice yoga for physical exercise to gain fitness and reduce stress but working with the body and getting physical health, the nervous system affected positively and automatically drives the mind in peace. Some people are ready to go deeper, studying yoga philosophy, practicing meditation and exploring the real purpose of life . For some other people is just enough to get a strong and healthy body. In any case the benefits are undoubted.


Meet Our Teachers

Maria Deligianni

Psychologist / Hatha yoga insrtuctor/

George Sioras Deligiannis

Yoga instructor /
Dance artist

Yoga Articles & Latest News

The connection of ancient Crete with Yoga

The connection of ancient Crete with Yoga

Yoga postures have been recognized on statues that have been dug out in the region of Ierapetra and other places ofCreteand they are dated between 4000 – 3000 b.c. Certainly, these archeological findings alone wouldn’t be enough evidence to confirm such a relationship, if there wasn’t another very serious indication

Yoga In Greece

Yoga In Greece

It is interesting to see the link between the yogic symbolization of kundalini and the ancient Greek myth of Asklepius. In tantric texts kundalini is conceived as the primal power or energy illustrated as a sleeping serpent in mooladhara (base) chakra.The serpent has always been a symbol of efficient consciousness.

History of Yoga

History of Yoga

The development of Yoga can be traced back to over 5000 years ago, but some researchers think that yoga may be up to 10.000 years old. Yoga's long, rich history begins from Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India over 5.000 years ago. The word 'Yoga' was first mentioned in the oldest sacred text, the Rig Veda.

The moral principles of yoga

The moral principles of yoga

1. Ahimsa - Non-Violence. Non-Violence in thought, word, and action is the highest priority for a yogi. Peacefulness is the key to a better world and it is based upon the idea that all life is sacred. Fear, weakness, ignorance, and suffering are the causes of violence. A yogi understands this and feels compassion to those who are violent, trying to do his/her best to eradicate the root of violence with love.

A real Yogi

A real Yogi

Sometimes people who practice yoga asanas become proud of their ability to bend and twist their bodies into advanced yoga postures. They like to show off their skill and may be quite competitive in their practice. But this desire for recognition reveals an agitated mind and a sense of false pride-not the signs of a real yogi.

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Yoga Breath Of Life

Our Centre has been running since 2006 as a non profit organization emphasises on physical and mental health, including Hatha Yoga Classes, Yoga Retreat Crete - Greece and Yoga Teacher Training Courses Crete - Greece.

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