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Sometimes people who practice yoga asanas become proud of their ability to bend and twist their bodies into advanced yoga postures. They like to show off their skill and may be quite competitive in their practice. But this desire for recognition reveals an agitated mind and a sense of false pride-not the signs of a real yogi.


We like to call ourselves yogi and yogini following a fashion.

Consuming a product that is sold like any other, thus serving our pride and vanity that we are something different than others.

In this material world teachers and students of yoga forget that scriptures speak about a moral code and not just asana. Only when we practice daily in these moral code and discipline we have the right to call ourselves yogi and yogini. Only then we are really free from pain and suffering and we are able to respect and honor every human being . Otherwise we share our misery with others and offend the spirit of yoga. A true yogi is happy within his simplicity and works daily with the manifestation of his ego because only so he honors and respects the spirit inside him. The Inner True Self.

After all, there are many steps on the yoga path, and we must make the journey with humility if we want to achieve lasting inner peace and true happiness. It doesn't matter in which step we are or if we fall in mistakes. The real point is to continue to be on the path, realizing our weaknesses and defects with true humility. The Yamas and Niyamas (the moral yogic code is universal as we find it in all cultures and traditions) are not supposed to moralize or make one feel like a sinner when not obeyed, but rather they are there to aid in self-development and support one on the way towards self-realization.


the moral yogic code is universal

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