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Life Coaching
Enjoy Life!
Enloy yourself!
Εnjoy your mate / spouse!
Εnjoy your family!
Εnjoy your job!
Εnjoy your friends!
Εnjoy your relationships!
Εnjoy your dreams!
Εnjoy your goals!

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- Do you find yourself some times or more often spending the day in a bad mood?

- Do you experience negative emotions like anger, sadness, jealousy, dissatisfaction?

- Have you try to shift yourself from negativity with no results?

- Does depression knock your door? Do you feel yourself trapped?

- Do you lose your courage? Do you feel shy? With low self-esteem?

- Do you find difficult to believe and trust yourself?

- Do you argue or fight with others easily? Do you often feel irritated?

- Do you find it difficult to manage your loneliness?

- Do you find it difficult to trust others?

- Is the stress part of your daily life? Do you feel unlucky?

- Do you feel something is missing from your life, even though you have everything?

- Are you in any kind of grief? Do you worry a lot about your future?

- Are you carrying a trauma or any bad experience and you wish to get rid of it?

Life Coaching


As a psychologist and a modern individual as well, I believe theory doesn't make the difference in life I’m here to inform you that some of the above feelings used to be part of my daily life in my past. Whatever theory I got all these years never took me out of my personal prison. On the contrary what really inspired me was to have my teachers my mentors, healers as a real example of true guidance in a safe path, that they had already crossed and I was feeling secure and inspired to follow and reach at the other side of the river where they were already. Yoga philosophy as well taught me how to overcome all these obstacles and gave me the magical skills and keys to set myself free and shift my life from the misery side to the enjoyable side of the river. Now I know how to be happy and I feel happier to share with you those tools that show you the way, how you can also work to get your own freedom, your own happiness!

If you are ready just make the first step and I’ll be right there to share my knowledge and experience with you! If I did it you can definitely do it as well!

Life Coaching

The Psychotherapist:

Maria Deligianni is a:

* Psychologist

* Systemic Family Therapist and member of EFTA (European Family Therapy Association)

* Theta Healer Practitioner (by Vaiana Stibal's system)

* Yoga Instructor

* Owner of ''Breath of Life'' Yoga and Wellness Center in Crete

She is a mother of two adult children and she's has been an active psychotherapist, working with kids adults and families since 1991 in Athens and Crete as well. She is the founder of the ''Breath of Life'' Yoga Center in Crete in 2006 and she is the main instructor of ''Breath of Life'' programs. She runs with her colleagues Yoga and Meditation courses, Detox and healing programs as well as seminars on physical and mental health. Maria has been studying in the World Philosophy, discovering human evolution throughout time. She believes that theory is worth when it can be practically proved. So she has been a long term self- practitioner on yoga, meditation and energy Psychology. She loves to share her knowledge and personal experience with people all over the world. She is always available and feels happy to provide her services to those who are ready to receive with love and respect for the human existence.

The Therapeutic approach:

Maria's therapeutic approach has been shaped and influenced through her combination of her western and eastern studies.

She follows a holistic view on treatment which is based on the theory that you cannot heal just the symptom, ignoring the story that this symptom carries. In order to cure the symptom we must cure the cause.

The position we get in our family system, the history of our growth, the belief system that we carry and the blockages of the stagnant energy in our body and mind has to be taken into consideration in order to get to know the direction of the proper treatment.

Apart from that, the awareness of the individual is the most important of all. The treatment becomes complete when one is getting aware of his own conscious level.

The real treatment enables the individual to get the responsibility of his own self and become independent and self-confident.

The supportive part of the therapy has to be the one strand of the treatment but the balance comes when we get the second strand, which are the keys and the tools on how to activate the self–healing mechanism, which is part of our own physical system.

It is a revolutionary therapeutic approach that essentially frees the individual from his dependence on the therapist.

Α successful therapy requires knowledge, experience, love, compassion, understanding and empathy.

The intuition of the therapist and his talent to listen to the soul's call is giving an extra advantage to the healing process and helps the individual to recognize easily his personal life's mission in order to get the fulfillment, the balance and the happiness which are life's gifts for everyone!

The Therapeutic approach:


Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Parents' School

Parents' School

Couple Therapy

Couple Therapy

Supporting Pregnancy

Supporting Pregnancy

Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Why online sessions? Because they work! Research shows online counceling and therapy is just as effective as a personal treatment.Enjoy the privacy of your own home while getting the help you deserve.Confidentiality is my promisse to you.

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The fee:  For a 60 minutes session is 60 euro
You can get a discount, if you ask for a package of 5 sessions for 250 euro or a package of 10 sessions for 400 euro

There is no cancellation fee as long as there is a 48-hours’ notice or you cannot attend the session due to unforeseeable circumstances.

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