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As the reality becomes more and more hard , people start looking for the real meaning of life. The soul seeks to find peace and harmony and create community with others. Our self knows intuitively that the real connection with one self and other people is the only transformation that the world needs.

Οur Mind sometimes creates obstacles in this transformation providing negative or waste thoughts. Meditation helps us to release the mind from its burdens and boundaries.
When yoga students are ready to seek a deeper contact with the Inner Self, meditation technique guides them step by step on the secret path of human existence helping the soul to get liberation . The silent path of Self – awareness reveals the truth and the real beauty of life providing happiness and bliss to the seekers . When the mind stops,meditation happens. It is not something 'out of the mind',it is rather something 'beyond' the mind. When the light shines with the object alone, devoid as it was of itself, this is trance/self-realisation.

The source of Meditation
1. Purification ( of the body – emotions and mind )
2. The correct setting
3. Deep breathing
4. Determination

Arjuna asked: “But the mind is so restless and constantly changing, how it is possible really to still the mind and keep it still? Often it is more than restless, it is turbulent and very obstinate. Controlling it seems as impossibly difficult as trying to tame the wind.” Krishna answered: “The mind is restless and very hard to train. With constant and dedicated practice, non-attachment and firm faith, it can be done. It is difficult, but it is possible. For those who cannot master their ego and control their mind, the self- realization of yoga is extremely difficult.

But if you persist with your practice and with non-attachment, the wayward mind will become still and you will reach the state of understanding the Self. That is Yoga.”


22 January 2015



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Our Centre has been running since 2006 as a non profit organization emphasises on physical and mental health, including Hatha Yoga Classes, Yoga Retreat Crete - Greece and Yoga Teacher Training Courses Crete - Greece.

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