Yoga & Meditation Retreat ''Rebirthing into Nature'' in Lefkada + cruise boat

Yoga & Meditation Retreat ''Rebirthing into Nature'' in Lefkada island in Greece

8 days/7 nights with 1 day cruise boat

 Retreat ''Rebirthing into Nature'' in Lefkada
 Retreat ''Rebirthing into Nature'' in Lefkada
 Retreat ''Rebirthing into Nature'' in Lefkada
 Retreat ''Rebirthing into Nature'' in Lefkada
 Retreat ''Rebirthing into Nature'' in Lefkada
 Retreat ''Rebirthing into Nature'' in Lefkada

Nowadays for most of us, life is based on insecurity and fear.

And when the concept of life is based on fear, where can happiness be?

Fear is a shrinking process but nature always teaches us how to expand ourselves.

The Retreat takes place into nature and the daily program is absolutely adapted to the rhythms of nature.

As we gradually lose our own nature, living in big cities or in toxic environments, it is a bless to have the chance to live into natural space , receiving teachings and inspirartion from the great wisdom of Mother Nature.

Maria Deligianni is the creator of ''Rebirthing into Nature'' Retreat.

She is also running the program as yoga instructor as well, as psychologist and energy healer.

The program is a mild transformative process and a '' self discovery'' journey as well, through yoga, meditation, pranayama, (liberation breathing), chanting , free movement, body expression, playing, drawing and having a lot of fun workshops.

We have the right to be happy!

Living with nature and through the rebirthing program, happiness comes spontaneously!

Nature teaches us how to honor ourselves, something that we have forgotten and leads us to discover the relationship with our soul.

The participants are not obligated to have any special knowledge, previous experience or capacity, as the program is designed for everyone, including all ages, sexes and backgrounds.

All you need in this Retreat is:

  • To be present
  • To have will power
  • To have determination
  • To be open minded
  • To have trust and faith
  • To love nature
  • To love the ''simple living'' or to be open to experience it

This Retreat is designed for all those, who deep in their hearts desire to be reborn.

Rebirth differs from our birth in the level of consciousness.

In the first case our parents decided to give us birth and our soul condescendingly followed.

In the ''Rebirthing Yoga'' method we consciously choose, what we wish to experience

The ''Rebirthing into Nature'' program gives to the human system a chance to rejuvenate and be reprograrned.

Maria belives, that there is no freedom without conscious intention and action.

The ''Rebirthing Yoga'' method on which is based this Retreat gives to the participants the tools to clean the physical system, removes the subconscious emotional blockages, letting the pain go, dropping the fear and giving away the experience of the gifts bellow:

The gifts that you will receive during the ''RebirthingYoga '' Retreat:

  • Freedom
  • Serenity
  • Happiness
  • Completeness
  • Success
  • Health (physical @ mental)
  • Balance
  • Tips to maimtain the above gifts after the retreat has finished

A few more words about the ''Rebirthing Yoga'' Method

It's a bless that finally the modern scientific researches from the field of neuroscience, biology and epigenetic converges with the science of yoga and both come in common conclusions about the human mind, and the spirituality of the human nature, which has an infinite potential.

Both Science and Yoga system claim that physical or mental health are related to our energy state.

We unconsciously carry a lot of heavy emotional burdens, as well as useless patterns and beliefs, which do not serve us. On the contrary, they create obstacles to our development. In other words those emotional blockages and usless beliefs block the flow of our joy

The method has a consistently successful outcome, when the person concerned, is really ready to experience changes, and is open to welcome the happiness.

The “Rebirthing Yoga” method is a process of purification at all levels. (Physical, emotional and mental).

Resistance is always the enemy of progress. But when one manages to remain with positive curiosity and childlike enthusiasm, the result is to reap sweet rewards.

Life always blesses those who work on themselves with honesty, sincerity patience and faith, as well as those who desire deep in their hearts to be reborn.

Maria is using the ''Rebirthing Yoga'' method, which she has been experimenting successfully the last few years, it is an harmonious combination of psychology, yoga, meditation and energy healing.

With this method and through specific techniques, in daily workshops, Maria guides softly and with a lot of respect the participants to release -after personal awareness and decisiveness - the blocked emotions from the body as well as the old programs from the mind that no longer serve and create obstacles and exclusions in our life.

In the “Rebirthing Yoga'' method the body neither dies nor is reborn . What changes, its the energy, and when energy changes our entire being is transformed.

The whole process is painless, effortless and easy to follow, if you remain open.

Everybody can choose to go as far as he/she wants to go working with the ''Rebirthing Yoga'' Method.

No matter how far you will decide to go, after the Retreat your energy for sure will not be the same!

Maria will be very happy to share her knowledge and experience with you in this Retreat and facilitate your Rebirthing process!

Yoga & Meditation Retreat ''Rebirthing into Nature'' in Lefkada island in Greece

8 days/7 nights with 1 day cruise boat

Αbout Lefkada

Lefkada is a Greek island in the Ionian sea located on the West Coast of Greece. It is famous worldwide for its stunningly beautiful beaches with transparent, turquoise waters, combined with the rich flora covering the mainland.

You can also visit the very up to date website of Lefkada Slow Guide to seek more information about the island of Lefkada.

About Paleochori camp

Paleochori is a camp, located on the hills above the famous Nidri of Lefkada. Has taken its name from the wider area, where once was a village by the name of Paleohori, which in greek means old village. Four and a half wooded hectares of land, on a side hill that enjoys a breathtaking view of the Prigiponisia (a complex of seven islands, Meganisi, Skorpios, Skorpidi, Sparti, Madouri, Cheloni and Tsokari)

The remote site of Paleochori camp offers only sounds of nature while the surrounding mountains provide a uniform evening shadow. You can reach the camp by a 5 minutes drive from Neochori or 15 minutes from Nidri. The land is cleaned and leveled with a number of retaining walls more than a hundred years old that have been recently restored, so that tents can be placed in different locations. The main element that stands out in the land is a large wooden patio of a whopping 95 square meters (9m X 10,5m). The space is also equipped with autonomous wc facilities, showers with hot water and specially designed areas for resting in the shadow under the trees with swings and hammocks. Our primal need was to treat the surrounding space with care and respect for the environment and all the living beings of the land. For that reason we use only biodegradable soap and shampoo in the showers. We also use solar panels for providing electricity to our land in order to charge phones, provide music and light areas when needed.

 Retreat ''Rebirthing into Nature'' in Lefkada
 Retreat ''Rebirthing into Nature'' in Lefkada
Yoga & Meditation ''Rebirthing Retreat'' in Lefkada island
Yoga & Meditation ''Rebirthing Retreat'' in Lefkada island
Yoga & Meditation ''Rebirthing Retreat'' in Lefkada island
Yoga & Meditation ''Rebirthing Retreat'' in Lefkada island

Yoga & Meditation Retreat ''Rebirthing into Nature

June 18 - 25

08:00 wake up call
08:30 – 09:00 Meditation
09:00 – 10:30 Yoga practice
10:30 – 11:30 Brunch
11:30 – 12:30 Creative workshop
12:30 – 16:00 Free time
16:00 – 16:30 Τea or coffe time and snack
16:30 – 18:00 “Rebreathing Yoga” Workshop
18:00 – 19:00. Dinner
19:00 – 19:30 Chanting and Meditation
19:00 Free time

The accommodation:

The participants are living in Paleochori Camp in beautifull belle tents surrounded by forest in a place isolated from the noise of densely populated areas with a beautiful view to the sea.

There are 4 types of bell tents which you can choose:

  • single bell tent (4m)
  • bell tent for 2 people (4m)
  • bell tent for 3 people (5m)
  • Private tent: **You can bring your own tent

All bell tents have the nececcary equipments and are well furnitured in a nice and cozy atmoshere.

Total Price per person:

Single bell tent (4m): 1.109€

Bell tent for 2 persons: 953€

Bell tent for 3 persons: 935€

Private tent: 900€

The prices above include:

  • 2 meals per day, (one full brunch and one vegetarian meal with organic products from the local garden)
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • one full day boat cruise
  • the daily ''Rebirthing Yoga'' program

The boat cruise

  • Enjoy a full-day boat cruise from Nidri to the islands of Lefkada, Kefalonia, and Ithaki
  • Swim on secluded beaches and visit the charming village of Fiskardo
  • The boat aproaches for swimming the world-famous beaches of Egremni and Porto Katsiki with turquoise crystal waters
  • Entrance to the cave of Papanikolis Passing through the private island of Scorpios
  • The daily cruise includes one meal


A 400€ deposit is necessary for your booking, which is non refundable, one month before the retreat starts. You will find the bank account for deposit on "contact us" page.

In case you can not participate in this course, you can pass your deposit onto the following course.
In case a student leave during a program for any personal reason, Breath of life is not obliged to return money back.
If the cancelation is made by “Breath of Life ” company, our center will return the deposit in full.

Breath of Life reserves the right to cancel the course at any time if the minmum number of participants is not reached or if any major occurrence out of our control takes place previously to the commencement of the course. In this case any amount paid by the student will be refunded in full.

For further information please contact us.

Rules & Regulations

As an Instituton we have boundaries and criteria which are mapped with specific rules and regulations for all our programs. We kindly ask you to read and accept the bellow, as this will facilitate the smooth running of your selected program.

1.Every student (participant)is requested to fulfil the registration formalities and submit the required information before the start of the course.

2.The booking for y.t.t.c programs is possible after your deposit of 600 euros. And for the 7 nights/8 days Yoga Retreats the deposit is 300 eur.

3.The balance has to be paid upon your arrival.

4.The payment should be in Euros.

5.Deposit is not refundable.

In case you can not participate in this retreat you can pass your deposit onto the following yoga retreat program or y.t.t.c.

6.The participants of Y.T.T.C should be in good physical and mental health. (Y.T.T.C only)

7.They should have previous experience in yoga practice and a testimonial from his/her yoga teacher.(Y.T.T.C only)

For the participants of the 300 hrs Y.T.T.C the certificate of the 200 hrs Y.T.T.C is required.

8.Students who have any kind of injury or health problem before your booking we suggest to contact on line the main consultant of ''Breath of Life'' yoga Center. Please let us know your health history and your doctor's oppinion in order to give you the care and the treatment which is the best for you.

9.Students should be over 18 years old.

10.The course will run in both languages English and Greek.

11.Student should be willing to follow the rules of Yama ( social rules ) and Niyama (personal code and conducts), prescribed by Maharishi Pantajali (Y.T.T.C only)

12.Every student must follow the dress code of modest, simple and comfortable yoga clothing in the class, without excesses. (pls only comfortable loose clothing proper for practice)

13.Every question which is asked by the students in the class must be related only to the course.

14.The female students are requested to inform when they have their monthly period, as it is better not to perform certain Yoga poses during this time, such as shoulder stand, Head stand, Viparitakarani and kapalabhati, Uddiyan bandha etc.

15.All students are instructed to come to the class at least 5 minutes before schedule timing.

16.All Teacher training students are requested not to join any other educational or hobby programs during their Y.T.Tcourse (Y.T.T.C only).

17.Every student is requested to strictly follow the diet & living rules as stated by the ''Breath of Life'' Yoga School.Also the use of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes is prohibited during the Y.T.T.C. This is for the well-being and better performance of the students.(Y.T.T.C only)

18.Please avoid to eat spicy, nonveg outside, as it doesn't help in this particular practice and process, during the time of the course. Students need to have only Sattvik food. (Y.T.T.C only).

19.All students have to follow the discipline and the rules of the Course. Any kind of misbehavior with other students or teachers, will be firmly assumed as breaking the code of conduct of the institution.(Y.T.T.C only).

20.The effectiveness of the course or progress of students is based on the physical and intellectual capability as well as the living standard of students in which they been living and adopting : hence the students have to be fully devoted and obey all the rules and disciplines of the yogic path.(Y.T.T.C only).

21.Any assistance which is needed by students will be given in any possible way

22.No extra activities are allowed in the class. For personal discussion and topics not related to the Yoga course the students will have free time out of the course.

23.The teacher training courses are taking place from a minimum participants of 8 to a maximum of 20 students.

24.''Breath of Life'' Yoga Center reserves the right to cancel the course at any time if the minmum number of participants is not reached or if any major occurrence out of our control takes place befor the start of the course. In this case either students can keep their deposit for our next confirmed course any amount paid by the student will be refunded in full.

Breath of Life Yoga Centre thanks you for your Co-operation in Following the above Rules and Regulations.

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